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Generational Management Resources specializes in case management for Advocates, Trustees, Legal Guardians, Litigating Attorneys and Probate Attorneys.

We provide comprehensive, coordinated assistance with Individuals with Disabilities (Specializing in Traumatic Brain Injuries/Spinal-cord) of all ages, in your home, in hospitals, assisted living facilities, wherever you or your loved ones need assistance. For an hour, a day or 24/7. We are here to meet your needs when you need us.

Medical or nursing care is not enough to truly heal the ill or properly care for any individual — there must also be a strong spirit of love, attention, smiles, hugs and sincere care and devotion for an individual, regardless of age, to surpass life’s physical, emotional and environmental challenges.

Elderly Patient Care

Elderly care is often provided in the elderly care recipient’s home, aiming to address their needs and improve their independence. This is a viable, constructive alternative to a nursing home elderly recipients living alone who can no longer take care of all their needs. Read More about “Elderly Patient Care”

We help you as a special needs trustee with:

  • Assessment and budgeting for the needs of the client.
  • Evaluating the appropriateness of disbursements
  • Build relationships with families, client, providers, and contractors for coordination and to alleviate conflict, ease situations with challenging clients/families.
  • Performing constant updating evaluations of clients changing needs.
  • Assistance carrying out client needs, working directly with clients, gathering necessary documentation and working with public programs.
  • Identifying resources to meet client needs and evaluating how well client needs are being met.
  • Acting as a central point for resources to better serve our clients needs (knowledge of providers, rules, and creative ways to get things accomplished for clients).
  • Assisting client and trustee with property management and the gathering of estimates, and contractors.
  • Hurricane preparedness and accommodating the clients home for accessibility and comfort.

With the generous support of these organizations, we are able to continue our work in rehabilitation, education, and providing family support.

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