003The purpose of Individual Case Management is to assist the client family, or guardian in monitoring the services provided by others and to supplement these services when necessary.

GMR’s Case Management Division assures that an individual client’s personal preferences are accommodated whenever possible, as long as they are also, in GMR professional opinion, in that client’s best interests. Visitations by GMR staff to the place of residence and/or programming assures that those physical and psychological interests are best served.


Services may include evaluation of the individual’s current status and future needs:

* Home environment, family, and support systems
* Community, school, and transportation
* Present and future medical and therapeutic needs
* Appropriateness of present care/placement
* Vocational Assessment
* Employment Assistance
* Discharge and community re-entry planning

Personalized goal planning for optimal cost effective outcomes:

* Develop life care plans
* Establish short term goals
* Identify long term needs


Coordination of medical services and care:

* Arrange for therapies, medical evaluations, and home health services
* Arrange for companion and housekeeping
* Secure medications, equipment, and supplies
* Research and evaluate facilities and services

Management and preservation of resources:

* Locate funding sources/third party reimbursements
* Explore options and compare costs
* Prepare monthly/annual budgets