Testimonial for GMR Care

The following is a true testimonial for GMR Care by one of the clients.

Good News, I received permission to move my uncle to Virginia. I would like to bring him here the first week in June. I can’t thank GMR enough for all the assistance that you all provided. If I could EVER be of assistance to you all please let me know. I am forever in GMR debt. It would not have happen if GMR did not get involved. Being in Virginia and my uncle in Florida, I was at the verge of a nervous breakdown just knowing my uncle was at the mercy of his step son whom was clearly committing elderly abuse. Before GMR got involved it seemed that everything was at a standstill. I called DCFS in Florida, they couldn’t help, I flew down to get him and he was in the hospital and I had to leave him there. His stepson cut off all communications from his family. Then my lawyer got you two ladies involved. No offense or disrespect, Marie Rodrigo you and your crew came in like pit bulls devouring the bad guy. It took you two days to accomplished what my lawyer and I was trying to do since February 12, 2014. I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR IT!! You took control even from the lawyer and got my uncle to safety. Words could never express my gratitude.

Navy Federal Credit Union Fraud Department is now looking into the Erik illegal abuse of my uncle’s account and the fraudulent Power of Attorney he filed with them. I may be able to get his funds back. Things are looking better.

My last task I am asking from GMR is to see if you could get my uncle an ID card so he can fly back to Virginia, his medical records, insurance card, medications that he is on, all of his medical expense including travel cost so I can file for Aide and Assistance with VA, which I know GMR is familiar with. I Love You Guys!!

Thank You Again,

Elizabeth Marie Moss